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Hey all, we have moved our website. Sadly this means you will need to make new accounts if you want to save multiple shipping addresses but we have so many more options available now. Sorry for the mess but we hope you all enjoy


Dick Rasmussen

Date 6/24/2021

This must be a joke ! Went by the address you have listed. Nothing but an old house in residential area. Not even a sign out ! Live in Arcadia, Ca. Have been on Highland av. many many times ! Never saw or heard of Waldo Ward. Where are your products made ?

Chris Rondeau

Date 6/24/2021

Nope we have been here for over 100 years. The shop is located behind the house on the left. You can blame the lack of sign on the city. <br> <img src="https://www.waldoward.com/assets/images/ShopLocation.jpg">

Kathy Cook

Date 7/4/2021

I just recently bought 2 products for my son. Fantastic! The packaging was suburb. The card, sweet. Thanks.

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