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Olives - Spanish gems

Triple Stuffed Olives
Can't decide on a favorite stuffing? Try a mixture of pimiento, almonds and onions. Hand stuffed and then hand packed - great for your parties.

Triple Stuffed Olives - 5 oz.

Our price is $5.90

Queen Olives Stuffed with Natural Pimiento
While most pimiento stuffed olives are with the minced, we pack large olives with 100% NATURAL pimiento for an unbeatable flavor. Very hard to find because each olive must be hand stuffed, but worth the extra effort.

Our price is $8.60

Garlic Stuffed Queen Olives
For all of you garlic lovers out there, this one's for you! Large, queen olives stuffed with garlic. Bold and delicious. Need we say more?

Throw Packed Garlic Stuffed Queen Olives - 10 oz.
Our price is $8.00


Spanish Olives have an excellent flavor and texture unlike any olive in the world. We have been importing these olives since the early 1940s because of their quality. Here are a few interesting facts about the Spanish Olive.

How Olives are Harvested:
Both green and ripe olives are harvested at the same time when the olives are green. After picking, the olives are very bitter and tough. Eating one of these would make for an unpleasant experience. Incoming fruit is first sorted for quality and then sized for specific bottling needs.

How Olives are Cured:
The curing process for green olives consists of hydrolysis, leaching and fermentation. This process includes soaking the olives in an alkaline solution (caustic soda) to remove the bitter tannins. They are then placed in fresh water, which is changed on a regular basis to leach out any impurities.

The olives are then placed in huge underground vats, covered with a strong salt brine and left to ferment for 60-90 days. Fermentation converts the natural sugars and some added sugar to lactic acid.

Only after the pH drops to 3.7 and the lactic acid exceeds 5% are the olives ready for bottling. The olives are kept in a salt brine while waiting for the stuffing and bottling process. To retain their yellow-green hue, the olives are never exposed to oxygen.

How olives are stuffed:
For centuries, olives were pitted and stuffed by hand. Today everything is done by machines. Sweet Spanish Pepper (pimiento) is the most common stuffing. After harvesting the peppers are placed in brine and shipped to the Seville area where the peppers are ground and mixed with gelling agents to make a reconstituted paste. The paste is then cut and formed into ribbons that are fed into pitting and stuffing machines. The machines pit the olive, take the pimiento and cut them into small pieces and stuff them into the olives all in one smooth operation. Over 1000 olives can be stuffed per hour.

How Olives are Packed:
The olives arrive at our dock in large plastic barrels. We then determine, based on our incoming orders, how to stuff the pitted olives. Either with almonds, onions, jalapeno peppers, garlic, etc. Then there are two ways we can pack the olives into the jars. One is called Throw Packed where the olives are not placed in the jar in any particular order and another called Place Packed where the olives are carefully placed into the jars in orderly, symmetrical fashions or forming geometrical shapes.

Green Olive Varieties

  • Plain Queens - these plump, fleshy fruits are available in several sizes (see the olive size chart below) and are large. Consists of a pit. Grown in the province of Seville, Spain and are large in size.
  • Stuffed Queens - the outstanding flavor and appearance of these large pimiento stuffed olives make them a welcome addition to all occasions. Can be stuffed with either NATURAL pimiento (100% real pimiento) or minced pimiento (common machine friendly pimiento). Grown in the province of Seville, Spain and are large in size.
  • Stuffed Manzanillas - the tender texture and excellent taste of the manzanilla makes this olive very popular. This variety grows in practically every region of Spain. Small in size.
  • Pitted Queens - an unstuffed large olive with the pit removed, suitable for occasions where no stuffing is desired or where an alternate stuffing can be added (like almonds, onions, garlic, etc.).
  • Pitted Manzanillas - like the Pitted Queens, an excellent unstuffed fruit for a multitude of applications. Also can be stuffed with other items like almonds, onions, jalapeno peppers, etc.




Olive Sizes


Olives are classified into many sizes, and we import a few of the most popular sizes. The numbers represent the number of olives which are contained in a kilo (i.e. 200/220 means that a kilo will contain approximately 210 Manzanilla olives). Queen sized olives range from 60-70 to 160-180. Manzanilla sized olives (commonly called 'manz.') range from 180-200 to 340-360.

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