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Pumpkin Butter - 9oz. (255g)

Pumpkin Butter - 9oz. (255g)
Item #: PF133A

Keep fall in the air all year round with a taste reminiscent of pumpkin pie by enjoying our pumpkin butter. Our pumpkin butter doesn't actually contain any butter, but it does resemble the consistency of rich, creamy butter. We make this spread in small batches by cooking pumpkin puree along with sugar and spices long enough to blend them together with the pumpkin. The definition of a fruit butter is a higher ratio of fruit to sugar so it is lower in carbohydrates than a regular jam and unlike butter, there is no fat. How do you use pumpkin butter? There are many ways; spread over muffins, hot pancakes, warm French toast or just from the oven cornbread, for that spiced sweetness usually reserved for the harvest holidays. Heat and pour over vanilla ice cream (or pumpkin ice cream when available). Try making a peanut butter and pumpkin butter sandwich. Give your oatmeal a little zing with a swirl of our pumpkin butter, or drop a dollop in your morning latte for a surprisingly good combination of flavors! Spice up glazed carrots, or whip up a pumpkin frappe with vanilla ice cream and milk in the blender for a different kind of afternoon pick me up. For a unique and delectable appetizer, slather a layer of our pumpkin butter atop a wedge of brie and serve with crackers. Ingredients/Nutritional Information


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WARNING: This product contains a chemical known to the State of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm.

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