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Thawte Certification Sites have made security a top priority and have been through a formal verification process, assuring that the organization running the site has the authority to use the name represented by the site. You can verify that the site is authenticated by a Thawte Certificate by checking:

  • This page's URL. You can determine a secure page by looking at the address (URL). It should start with https instead of the standard http.
  • Secure connection indicators. If you are using Microsoft's Internet Explorer, you will see a small padlock in the lower right corner. Netscape Navigator will display a connected key in the lower left corner and a solid blue line at the top of the page. Other browsers will have other visual clues.
  • This site's certificate. To verify that the site is using a Thawte certificate, view the ID from your web browser.


  • In Netscape Navigator, select Document Info from the View Menu.
  • In Microsoft Internet Explorer, select Properties from the File Menu and then select the Security tab.

Connecting to a site in secure mode not only provides assurance of the site's authenticity, it enables encryption for information exchanged between the site and your browser.

Internet Security - The Need for Electronic Identification

Why is Internet security so important? When you purchase something 'offline', in a face-to-face situation, you rely on visual and environmental cues to establish the credibility of the institution with whom you are dealing. For example, when you buy something at a department store, you trust the employee behind the counter with your credit card since they are behind the register and are wearing a store name tag. On the Internet, the traditional cues you use to help you identify the credibility don't work. Without a secure means of transferring valuable data, you risk sending your information to unknown servers, receiving corrupted data, or even being impersonated.

Thawte Certification - The Secure Solution

Thawte provides its customers with the confidence necessary to conduct electronic commerce worldwide. Using today's strongest cryptographic techniques, Thawte provides a trusted means of authenticating the identity of each party in an electronic transaction.

Thawte does not make any warranties or representations regarding the organization or the site's content or links.

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