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Wholesale Private Labeling Program

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Private Labeling E. Waldo Ward products is as easy as 1, 2, 3.

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Check out some of these great new labels, now with full color printing!

Easy and painless to setup
Low minimums ($300 first order, $100 reorders)
Cost effective
Custom look

Private Labeling: Basic Information

You can choose to private label any item that we stock. We can label our products with your custom label or with our stock private labels. You can easily choose from our wide variety of specialty jams, jellies, marmalades, marinades, sauces, and Spanish olives. We can apply one label per jar.

Option 1:
You can choose from our stock private labels

Just select the label from our website at www.WaldoWard.com/labels. We can print in black ink your logo and the variable information. Just email us your logo in a clean, crisp image to labels@waldoward.com. The cost for this is $45 for initial set up and then .90/dozen for printing.

Samples of Black printing on our stock labels.

Fruit Diamond Label
Fruit Diamond

Olive Diamond
Olive Diamond

Marble Blank Label
Marble Blank

Garden Leaf Label
Garden Leaf

Gold Foil Label
Gold Foil

Gold Foil Olive
Gold Foil Olive

Garden Large
Garden Blank

Garden Small Label
Garden Blank Small

Option 2:
Your custom private label (we imprint the variable information)

You can also choose to supply us with a partially printed label leaving out the product name, ingredients, nutrition panel, etc. You would need to create your own design using our parameters (see Label Compliance page). We will need to pre-approve label materials, label design and the label printer. Make sure you put your company name, address, phone number and website on the left side of the label. Must read "Distributed by", "Packed For:" or other phrase that is compliant with the FDA regulations (see Label Compliance page). We will imprint the product name and net weight on the front of the label, and the nutrition, allergen statement and ingredient list on the right side of the label. Labels must be pressure sensitive, be on a 3" core, die cut (about a 1/8" space between labels), no larger than 8" in diameter and come off sideways (right side peels off first). We will need to test the material in our printer prior to receiving the labels. The cost for this is $45 for initial set up and then $.90/dozen for printing.

Option 3:
You Supply a Custom Private Label Completely Printed

Another option is to supply us with a completely preprinted label including all product information. We would preapprove the label material, label design, and label printer. We will furnish the product name, net weight (dual declaration), ingredients, and nutrition panel. We will check your completed label prior to printing. Labels must be pressure sensitive, be on a 3” core, die cut (1/8” space), no larger than 8” in diameter and come off sideways (left side peels off first). We would need the labels prior to production. There is no extra fee for this option.

Option 4:
We print a completely custom, full color label based on your artwork with our full-color text.

You design and submit the artwork which includes your logo, your company or brand name, your company romance text, the label border, if applicable, and the background image of the label. Then we add the variable content such as product name, net. wt., nutrition and ingredient panel information. When designing the labels, please design the labels to fit the jars according to the products you will be ordering. For the small 5 ounce preserve/jam/marmalade jars, the labels are 2" x 6", for our common 10 ounce preserve/jellies/marmalades, the labels are 2.5" x 6"; for our fruit spreads/marinades/most of the Spanish olives/barbecue sauces, the labels are 3" x 6.5". We prefer to have the artwork in "tif" format. Design work (if necessary): $125.00/hr

Samples of Full Color Labels with custom designs.

Fruit Diamond Label
sample label with
customer art

Marble Blank Label
sample label with
customer art

Olive Diamond
sample label with
customer art

Garden Leaf Label
sample label with
customer art

Gold Foil Label
our template
with no art

Click Here to view samples of our label backgrounds you may use

Phone: 626.355.1218
Email: jelly@waldoward.com
Address: 273 E. Highland Ave.
Sierra Madre, CA 91024

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